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Model Accounting and Financial Policies & Procedures For Nonprofit Organizations

Prepare a comprehensive and up-to-date accounting and financial policies manual for your nonprofit organization in a fraction of the time it would take to draft one from scratch! Already have a policy manual? Use our model policies to update your existing manual by cutting and pasting from our model policies into your manual.

We've prepared model policies that conform to all the latest OMB, GAO, IRS, and FASB regulations, standards, and requirements. These policies are designed to document sound internal controls and financial management practices. Policies are written in Microsoft Word (software not included) to facilitate your tailoring the policies to your organization. When you're finished customizing these policies, you'll have a comprehensive yet concise manual that addresses more than 290 specific policies in each of the following seven areas:

General Policies and Procedures — Accounting department structure, ethics, conflicts of interest, fraud, security, technology, general ledger, chart of accounts, etc.

Revenues and Cash Receipts Processing — Revenue recognition, contributions, gift acceptance, billing, in-kind, accounts receivable, processing of cash receipts, lockboxes, credit card payments, etc.

Purchasing and Cash Disbursements — Purchasing, solicitation of quotations from vendors, accounts payable, employee expense reports, travel and business entertainment, check preparation, payroll, etc.

Asset and Liability Accounts — Cash, bank reconciliations, investments, inventory, prepaid expenses, property and equipment, depreciation, leases, fair value accounting, accrued expenses, note payable, income taxes payable, etc.

Financial and Tax Reporting — Interim financial statements, annual financial statements, filing of information and tax returns, public access to returns, unrelated business activities, etc.

Financial Management — Budgeting, external audit, selecting auditors, finance committees, audit committees, insurance, record retention and destruction, functional expense reporting, expense allocations, etc.

Federal Grants and Contracts — Administration of federal awards, special procurement requirements, cash drawdowns, selection and monitoring of subrecipients, equipment purchased with federal funds, close out procedures, charging of direct and indirect costs, cost sharing and matching, etc.

Altogether, NRC's model policies and procedures product includes 190 pages of policies and procedures, along with editor's notes designed to assist you in customizing policies and procedures for your organization.

For a detailed index of policies, click here.

Policies are prepared in Microsoft Word 2003 and come on a single CD-ROM (Microsoft Word software is not included) or can be e-mailed to you for quicker delivery.

Price for single-user license (one nonprofit organization or other entity for internal use only): $395

Attention CPA firms — special multi-use licenses are available for you to use or provide to your clients. Call for details.

Prices do not include the cost of Microsoft Word.

To order, click here.

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